Grand Soleil 72

Grand Soleil 72

The GS 72 will be the best design synthesis of the already rich and appreciated Grand Soleil family, complementing the current range extending from 34 to 58 feet divided between Long Cruise and Performance. It will also provide continuity to the GS 80 project by taking advantage of a new production space and a dedicated team. Performance, design, innovation: the extensive construction experience of the Forlì-based shipyard is combined with the development of innovative solutions that place increasing emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. The new GS 72 will be a yacht developed according to the needs of those owners who appreciate a made-to-measure approach, to live their adventures in comfort, safety and autonomy in the utmost respect of the marine habitat.

A team of Italian professionals for the best Made in Italy sailing
The creation of the new yacht will be supervised by project manager Franco Corazza: entrepreneur, longstanding racer and well-known champion (12 Italian titles, 2 European titles and 1 world title), Corazza will determine each phase of the GS 72's development together with designers, technicians and craftsmen, listening to the feedback of a community that has been sailing at the helm of Grand Soleil yachts since 1973,
and establishing a bespoke relationship with every shipowner in a journey of co-creation of the vessel. The 72-footer will be the result of a completely Made in Italy design process, with a team of professionals representing Italian excellence in the international nautical sector. Matteo Polli, a designer with extensive experience in the optimization of racing boats, has been in charge of naval architecture: three world championships and two Italian championships in ORC class, and designer of the new Grand Soleil 44 characterized by the high-performance hull lines. Marco Lostuzzi worked on the structures, starting from the
skills that have already made possible some of the most appreciated models of the Long Cruise and Performance ranges of Cantiere del Pardo. And Nauta Design, the renowned and prestigious Milan-based studio, designed the general layout, the deck and the interiors, to underscore the intention to create a vessel with an expressly Italian aesthetic, with a modern and elegant design and high comfort ergonomics, both on deck and inside.

Quality: the first guarantee of Grand Soleil Yachts
The new GS 72 will represent the pinnacle and synthesis of Grand Soleil's shipbuilding experience. 72 feet of quality, tradition and attention to detail, that together will shape a boat built to the highest standards of the nautical industry. At Cantiere del Pardo, the ability to foresee the requests of shipowners has always been the key to designing boats that will last over time and will meet the expectations of the most demanding
seafarers.From the meticulousness of the construction processes to the quality controls of every single part of the boats, even today it is the people and their knowledge handed down within the shipyard that guarantee the reliability of the Grand Soleil brand. The new GS 72 will be no exception: the design and subsequent construction will be guided by an innovative push towards focusing on the smallest details during all operational steps, which will continue in a customization process together with the owner. With
the knowledge of being able to leverage on a service that strives for excellence, backed by an international network of services on which the client can rely at any time.

Green Waves
The GS 72, like all Cantiere del Pardo yachts, strives for a responsible and sustainable goal for the marine environment in which it will sail. Both the choice of construction materials and the design used to assemble them aim at the lowest environmental impact and the highest degree of recyclability. Teak from a certified supply chain, laminated glass for better insulation, lamination with eco-friendly linen and resins, water-based
paints, solar panels: the selection of the raw materials employed, and their use will be instrumental in launching a boat with the highest level of eco-sustainability.

High levels of performance​​​​​​​
The aim: to launch a spacious boat to guarantee ample accommodation and comfort on board, while maintaining high levels of performance. The new GS 72 will have smooth, clean, and elegant shapes, combined with water lines that will effectively communicate a strong attitude towards performance thanks to a reduced wetted surface. The unique design of the hull and the flared cross sections will allow for a great form stability and a very accentuated dynamic length. In addition to this, the pronounced V of the bow will
facilitate the passage on upwind and motor waves.

Sail plan​​​​​​​
The sail plan will include a very generous bow triangle and a very accentuated J to make it easier to manage the mainsail, making the boat more efficient in medium-light winds and short seas. The boat will be ready for staysail and foresail as well as Code 0 and gennaker.

On-board ergonomics: ease of use and safety
Great emphasis will be placed on on-board ergonomics, as is typical of all Grand Soleil boats, striving for ease of use and extreme safety for both crew and guests. The very advanced and high efficiency rudder blade will allow easy manoeuvring and precise steering. The keel will be an inverted T keel with weldox edge and lead bulb, but both lifting and telescopic keel can be installed. The deck is characterized by the elegant and sporty design of the coachroof, with a large navigation area with ergonomics and comfort fit for a luxury sports yacht. A large cockpit accommodates two coffee and dining tables that can be used separately. These two areas are connected by a relaxation area, where two magnificent sunpads dominate the scene.

Interior layout
The layout of the interiors, according to Nauta's customary and acclaimed penmanship, is in perfect harmony with the geometry of the deck. Nauta has conceived, designed, and refined every volume and every small detail of both deck and interiors to optimize all spaces and obtain a coherent, holistic interaction between exteriors and interiors. In the interiors, size, ergonomics, stowage, functions, and quality of all fittings are set to super yacht standards. The design and the various palettes of the materials characterize
the interiors with a sober, fresh, elegant, and welcoming style.




Längd, LÖA: 23,75m
Skrov  längd: 22,00m
Längd, LVL: 19,84m
Bredd: 6,20m
Djup: 3,70m
Vattentank: 1000L
Bränsletank: 1000L
Motor: 150kh
Naval Designer: Matteo Polli
Structures: Marco Lostuzzi
Interior Design: Nauta Design
CE-Certifiering: A

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