Grand Soleil 58

The GS 58 Performance brings together once again Nauta Design studio and naval architect Umberto Felci, for what is undoubtedly a Made in Italy masterpiece.

The sail plan and appendages kit were perfectly sized and equipped with the highest standards available today, the GS 58 is performing and ensure unbeatable standards of comfort at the same time. All this, while maintaining the characteristics of comfort and spaciousness of a cruiser that characterizes the best Grand Soleil produced by CdP.
The 58 benefits from having many windows and ports for natural light, brightness and soft colors with uncompromised stylish details to create a calm, positive and pleasant atmosphere when having a total relax onboard.

Teknisk data​​​​​​​

Längd, LÖA: 17,50m
Längd, LVL: -m
Bredd: 5,20m
Djup: 2,45/2,90/315m
Vikt: 18900kg
Vattentank: 800L
Bränsletank: 600L
Motor: 75/110/150hk
Designer: Umberto Felci
CE-Certifiering: A
Segelarea: 191m²
Genoa/Fock: -m²
Spinnaker: -m²
I: -m
J: -m
P: -m
E: -m